Service Location Check

First, we need to check to make sure the place where you want electricity is serviced by Acacia Energy. All we need is the street address and we will check that for you immediately. If you are switching your service we can also check by looking up your ESI ID which can be found on your existing electric bill. Enter your Service Address or ESI ID now.

Note: If the Acacia Energy product you are selecting is a prepaid electricity product, Acacia Energy is not able to service locations at which any resident of this service location is considered a critical care customer or is on life support.

In the case where you are switching from another energy provider, you have the right to rescind this enrollment without penalty within three business days from the date you receive the new provider's Terms of Service.

*If you are unable to locate your address or have a special need, please contact us at 844-491-1783 and we will be happy to assist you.

Service Information

I'm moving into a new residence at this location
I'm switching my service from another provider, but the same location

Enrollment Service Locations

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